Good, accurate weather observations has always been a problem for Alexandra. There are no Bureau of Metereology Auto Weather Stations near Alexandra and at similar altitudes. Private and emergency services weather instruments have always provided somewhat  unreliable data due to local topograpical barriers and the difficulties of placing instruments in suitable locations for accurate recording.  We are using the well respected Davis Vantage Pro 2 fan aspirated weather station (wireless) with Weatherlink IP inputting to the web & have established it at site specially chosen for the purpose.

The instruments are located 1.6 km WSW of Alexandra P.O.(7 metres lower than the P.O.) and have been installed very closely to Weather Bureau standards. We believe the data will be very accurate but advise that this is a private, non commercial enterprise and that no responsibilty can be accepted for any information derived from this source. The station is situated at an altitude of 200 metres above sea level and is sited near Lat. -37.193313 Long.145.694264.

Image: The 10 metre telescopic mast with anenmometer fitted at the W/S